The Teenage Zombies

Formed in October 2010 from the ashes of ‘Dead Jeff’,
the 4 pc ‘The Crazies’ were formed.
After only 6 months the band folded. So Ginge got off his drum stool and grabed a mike. Phil put down his Bass Guitar and grabbed his beloved Double Bass…..The Teenage Zombies were born.
Back to the roots of the 90s outfit ‘Paralised’ we found with adding Rich’s Garage style guitar to Phil & Ginge’s 30 year Psychobilly love and influence, we had found our feet.
Only a few months past before we were back on a stage.
Phil and Ginge the main vocals, with Rich singing the odd beauty here and there.
It’s been a great 2-3 years so far. Supporting the likes of ‘Lost Souls’ ‘Rezurex’ ‘Evil Devil’ ‘Retarded Rats’ ‘Frantic Flintstones’ and playing the mighty ‘Bedlam Breakout’
2012, with the help of Alan Wilson, we released the album ‘Zombiefied’ on Western Star Records. A massive privilege to release an album with a record label and it got great reviews.
It’s only upwards for us ‘Zombies’ gigs are always in the pipeline and a 2nd Album isn’t too far away. So if you see us on a flyer, come and have a listen. Everyone loves the Undead!

As 2015 begins, so does a new member (person not penis) join us. Unfortunately Rich has hung up his guitar and left the band. Due to commitments gathering souls for the fire, his role as Doctor Death leaves him little time to play. We wish him well and see him on the other side soon.
So Phil and Ginge grabbed a shovel, and headed off down to the graveyard. With luck our first hole uncovered Paul ‘PickAxe’ Cartwright. With a quick zap of the lecky, and a big intake of cake. We now have our new Guitar man.
So onwards n upwards for us Zombies. Stay tuned for a new Vinyl EP and CD Album, coming soon.
Big cheers for all your support, Up The Zombies n Up the Drugs!!!

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