Snakerattlers is a two-piece rockabilly/deathpunk band from York UK. It is comprised of married couple Naomi Gott and Dan Oliver Gott. Naomi wanted to learn how to play drums, so Dan went along to her drum practices with his guitar, just so she would have something to play to. It was apparent from the very first jam session, that the sounds being produced, had the potential to be a lot more than just a rehearsal room jam band. The idea to form a new two-piece band was born.

The couple had spent a lot of time touring and recording with their previous band; The Franceens. But they wanted Snakerattlers to have a totally different sound and style. For this, they looked to the style of music that had always inspired them the most; rockabilly. Through a series of experiments with using vocal microphones on the drums, putting the guitar through various types of amplifiers, testing different brands of guitar, and trying out nearly every vocal effect known to mankind, Dan and Naomi were hit with the realisation that their tinkering had actually formed a brand new genre. They dubbed it “Rattlerock”. However, if you listen closely, you can hear the obvious influence of traditional rockabilly. Link Wray, Dick Dale, Brenda Lee, Stray Cats, even The Cramps. It’s all there. But the rockabilly genre has now been dragged, kicking and screaming, into a new age.

Dan and Naomi realised that the band would need a special name, as a duo is something they had always wanted to do. They came up with the name in the same way they came up with the sound; they looked back into rockabilly’s past. They began searching through 1950’s terminology. There were many phrases that could have given them a good name (people in the 1950’s spoke way cooler than we do now!), but the phrase “come on snake, let’s rattle” was the one that stood out the most. It was a way for someone in the 1950’s to ask someone else to dance with them. The name Snakerattlers was derived from this saying.

A ten song set was written, and demos followed quickly after this. Many gig bookings came flying in. The band performed it’s debut show on the 7th of October 2016, to a packed Fulford Arms pub.

​Surprisingly, the band was given early radio play on BBC Radio York. On Saturday 24th of September 2016, after only being a band for a few months, the track “Ripper Rattle Rock” was selected and played on BBC Introducing by Jericho Keys. Even more surprisingly, the track “Love In Me” was played on the same show, by the same DJ the following week. Shortly after these two BBC radio spins, the band confirmed a recording session with Jericho Keys for BBC Introducing, which was completed on the 26th of November. This was a great way to start the band.

In January 2017, The Franceens officially came to an end, allowing Naomi and Dan to give Snakerattlers their full concentration.

March 2017 saw Snakerattlers sign their first record deal with Moon Skull Records.

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