“Furious?!! ..I’m F*%kin’ livid! I’ve been waiting years to hear kids play like this. Real rock ‘n’ roll, just how it’s supposed to be!” – Lemmy Kilmister

“I really love the Halligan brothers, Mark & Andy. These guys are fantastic, they play great and they have an eye to the future. They have the reverence but they’re not trying to sound like the record. They’re infectious kind of guys too, positive and funny with such enthusiasm, it’s a lot of fun when we play together. They’re real teddy boys and they’re still so young!! Absolutely amazing band!” – Slim Jim Phantom, The Stray Cats

“Furious rock like crazy!! It’s full in your face, hard driving rock ‘n’ roll with loads of attitude. This is the best music to come out of Liverpool since ex-docker and teddy boy, Billy Fury released the ‘The Sound of Fury’. Fifty years forward, you’ve got ‘The Sound of Furious!’ – Another landmark in Liverpool’s rich musical history. YES, they are that good!!!” – Lyndon Needs, Crazy Cavan ‘n’ The Rhythm Rockers

“Furious have got something special! With that big old double bass and twanging guitar, they really blew me away” – James Burton, Guitar Legend

“Furious are the face of today’s British Rock ‘n’ Roll! Their new record will kick you in the teeth then have you sobbing into your beer, all the things a Wild Rock ‘n’ Roll band should do” – Reb Kennedy, Wild Records

“No-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll! My new favourite band” – Charlie Harper, UK Subs

“I remember the early days of Crazy Cavan and was even hangin’ around the Marquee Club and like places when Punk exploded, but NOTHING is as wild and mental as this lot!” – Roy Williams, Nervous Records

“Furious are the toughest, possibly the youngest, and definately the most no-holds-barred rockers on the block. No other band compares! These guys live and breathe the music and believe every word of every song they sing. They deserve our undying respect as they are the real deal!” – Now Dig This Magazine

“Slim Jim’s pounding drums and caveman vocals are thrilling enough but it would be a lesser event without the backing of Liverpool’s own Halligan Brothers, better known as Furious. The pair are dynamite to the point that there really is no-one to touch them when it comes to loud, dirty and authentic Rockabilly. They have already had a an album in the vinyl Top Ten, featured in a US ad for Dolce and Gabanna and played all over the world including two stints at Viva Las Vegas in Nevada. Slim Jim is clearly in awe of Furious and if it was actually possible to bring the roof down, they would.” – Get Into This

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